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Ink: Turn A Blank Piece Of Paper Into A Masterpiece

What would the world be without the invention of ink? Can you imagine if we didn' t have it with which to write things on paper? Think of the history that would be lost. Think of the books that never would have been written. Think of the most important book of them all, the Bible, if it had never been written. All of these things were made possible through the use of one thing: ink.

The Spoken Word Isn' t Enough To Record History

Ink Jet Printer
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Before ink, people used to communicate in other ways. There was, of course, the spoken word. However, the spoken word can become diluted if it' s passed down through too many generations. Anyone who has ever played the telephone game knows how this works. The telephone game works by having a group of people sit in a circle. One person whispers something in the ear of the person next to them and that person then tells the next person and so on. Eventually, you get to the end where the last person whispers what they heard into the ear of the original person. Anyone who' s ever played this game knows that the information that started the game is rarely the information that' s relayed at the end. This is because information becomes diluted as people' s imaginations run rampant with the information, transforming it into something completely different.

Ink made it possible to write this information down. That way, the information gets preserved for years, even centuries. Without ink, we wouldn' t have some of the stories we have today. We wouldn' t have the textbooks to learn from. Our society might not have advanced as much as it has without it. Who knows? We might be stuck in the stone age if it weren' t for ink.

Ink Cartridge
Ink Cartridges: Getting It Down On Paper

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Ink is so commonplace that we don' t even think about it most of the time. That is, until our printer runs out or our pen gets to light that it just digs grooves into the page. We need it, however. We need it to pass history onto future generations. We need it to teach others the teachings of yesterday and we need it to further our society so that we can make greater bounds than ever before.

Ink is very important to our daily lives. If you' ve never thought about how important it is, I bet you have now. All you have to do is look around you and imagine if there was no ink. All of the printed pages, all of the books, all of the artwork on walls, the PhD' s, the awards, even the constitution of the United States, none of it would have been possible without ink. So the next time someone asks you what you couldn' t live without, tell them ink. They' ll probably look at you crazy, but then you' ll have to prove to them just how bland your life would be without it.



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